La Menta

“La menta” it is 20 minutes from Sibundoy. They call it this way because years ago they sowed a lot of mint in this territory, in fact, I would say that it is the municipality of plants, because thanks to the microclimates of this area they can afford to sowed any plant. In “la menta” lives most of the family with 6 herencias work; This place remembered me when I was little and went to the farm with my family… Clean air, blue sky in good weather and some imposing mountains that reminded me that it was only a small part of this planet. So, Welcome to one of the territories of the Kamsá community.

The SBUACHÁN is the representation of life. It is the inherited thought. When corn completes its cycle at harvest, they say that it has already inherited its food and strength and it is at this moment that it becomes something spiritual because it is part of their memory as people and as a Kamëntšá community.

The importance of our pieces is not only their aesthetic, also the knowledge behind. The colors and their symbols have a sense, a meaning. That is why we will have some post about the sageness of the community we work. They generously give us their knowledge to understand our traditions, our ancestors. Bringing this knowledge and tell you our history, allows that our products have more value because we not only have an authentic product, we have a history that will remain in the memory of each of you. Here is the TSABE FSHANTS, which is the women’s belly, the beginning of life.

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