Hello, I am Viviana the founder of 6 Herencias

The one-year study stay in Madrid turned into a 10-year experience outside of Colombia (my land) and the construction of my life project, “my being”.

Hello, I am Viviana, the founder of 6 Herencias. Colombia is the beginning of my journey, 6 regions make up the innumerable heritage (“herencia” in Spanish) of my country. Amazonas is the first region that gives birth to this: the project of my life. 6 Herencias is a team with wonderful magic and faith as big as the Himalaya.

Our goal has been to build a brand where color abounds, heritage endures and knowledge is shared. The objective of our creations is to make you part of the heritage which is not only mine but everyone’s. We work with the Kamëntšá indigenous community and it is an honor for us to be able to share their experience, mine and therefore yours. Our pieces are the safeguard of tradition, learning, liberation and the gift of wisdom.

The Collaborators

6 Herencias is not only made up of my lungs as the creator of the pieces. On this journey I am accompanied by several people who, behind shop windows, give oxygen to this project.

Artisans Eisen & Teresa

Our artisans from the group Curarte you who give life to the ancestral fabrics of the Kamëntšá community. They are the other half of the sun in 6Herencias.


Natalia and her team of only women accompany us in the work of clothing and design. Her work is extraordinary and without them it would not be possible for the pieces to reach her hands.

Kévin Desriaux

Kevin, my partner in this great project, accompanies me in the coordination and logistics of the products and thanks to his translations we reach more horizons.

Margarita Monroy

Margarita always has a smile and she is the one who helps us so that the pieces have their final process with the finishes.

Leonardo Ruiz

Leonardo works magic with jewelry and we are lucky to have him on our team. He is patient, polished, perfectionist and our jewelry would not be what it is thanks to his help.

“Anita” from Grupo Makona

When we were in college I always told her that when I had my brand she would be the one who would do all the graphics and when this process began I looked for her to accompany us.
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