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“We were born from a country but we are beings of the world”

Our RAÍCES collection begins with a DNA test that takes me on a journey back to my ancestors. I decide to embark on a journey where Bacatá is the beginning of my path to knowing myself.

Products with knowledge made in Colombia

We work together with the Kamëntšá Community, our products are handcrafted with care, respect and knowledge. We believe that the best way to honor our ancestors is caring their history, sharing their knowledge and making part of this conductive thread.

“One leaves aside what isn’t useful, as growing it could damage the garden (the life, the warp); the life itself is cut as a chumbe (hand weaving), one knows when to stop weaving the history, just as God knows when to end the vision and the word”.

Kamëntšá Community.

“We celebrate my history, your history, OUR history, the legacy of a society that past generations left us THE HERITAGE.”

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Artisan Hands

Teresa is the person who helps us with the artisans. Teresa’s hands are the hands of the mamitas (that’s what they call the grandmothers who

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La Menta

“La menta” it is 20 minutes from Sibundoy. They call it this way because years ago they sowed a lot of mint in this territory,

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